About Sassy Cucina

Sassy Cucina is a gourmet food company specializing in marinated and stuffed olives. Sassy Cucina food is made with passion, love and a desire to bring exciting, fresh Mediterranean flavors to your “cucina.”

What’s so sassy about the kitchen you ask?… No doubt, founder Cindy Cicala is as sassy as they come and her original olive marinades and antipasti recipes have just the right amount of kick and sass. Staying true to her Italian heritage Cindy uses bold flavors she grew up with while watching her Nana cook in the cucina.

Launched in 2008 as Famiglia Cucina, the company has evolved and developed from Italian catering into a company specializing in the highest quality marinated olives, stuffed olives and antipastis that appeal to even the most traditional foodies.

Along the way Cindy found she was not alone in her love for olives. While selling her marinated olive line at the local farmers’ markets, Cindy learned firsthand that there are many OLIVE lovers in the world. Often she would hear comments like, “I have never met an olive I didn’t like!” and “Oh my goodness, these are the best olives I have ever tasted!” With these words of inspiration Cindy set out to develop her olive company using only the finest natural and imported ingredients.

Cindy’s passion for creating tasty, flavorful food and her flair for the exotic are combined into creating sensory pleasure for your taste buds, with a particular slant for the dramatic! She loves to experiment and combine unusual ingredients to create unique flavors. Olives by Sassy Cucina pair well with many foods and drinks and make a memorable, healthy, tasty snack, appetizer or meal.

Sit back, relax and mangia, mangia! Eat, eat! You will feel more than a little sassy!

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